What should you bring with you when you come into hospital?

Prescribed medications

Please do not forget to bring with you any medications which you have already been prescribed by the doctor who is referring you to hospital as well as a list of all the medications which you are currently taking.

Personal items

Please bring with you only the items which you will really need in hospital:

  • Toiletries
  • Slippers
  • Pyjamas or a nightdress
  • Dressing gown

It is advisable to leave any jewellery, vauables or large amounts of cash at home when you come into hospital. If, however, you really do need to bring any valuables with you when you come into hospital you can leave these for safekeeping  in a safe at our Central Admissions Office. When you hand any valuables in you will be given a receipt. In exceptional circumstances you may also ask any of the nursing staff to look after your valuables for you. We cannot accept liability for any valuables, personal items or items of clothing which you do not hand over to us for safekeeping during your stay in hospital.

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