We should like to welcome all our patients and wish them a traditional, heart felt Austrian greeting "Grüss Gott"

Our hospital is really a house of encounters because people come here for  many different reasons.

You have come to us because you wish to regain your full health. The doctors and other care staff at our hospital, however, are here because they have chosen a profession in which the purpose of their work is to save lives and to support others as they regain their health. During your stay in our hospital you will be closely involved with the care professionals who work here. The following pages are designed to give you some tips for making the most of your time with us.

Despite the presence of so much technology which is central to the practise of modern medicine, we always try to keep people as the central focus of our work and to treat our patients and vistors with the respect they deserve.

We would therefore like to welcome you to our hospital as an honoured guest and we hope that you will soon be well enough to be on your way home again.

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