Orthopaedics Our specialisms

As part of our specialist services we perform all types of standard  orthopaedic surgical procedures. We also, however, provide conservative treatment, i.e. non-surgical treatment for many of  our patients.

This applies to patients with lower back pain (lumbago, lumboiscialgia),neck pain (cervical syndrome) or pain arising from using the joints (osteoarthritis). Many patients who suffer a slipped disc may also be treated without surgery and we have many different infiltration techniques at our disposal for this.

We can also treat children who have disorders affecting the joints by working in collaboration with the paediatricians who work in our hospital. We are of course also happy to treat patients from other departments who also have orthpopaedic conditions.

Our current range of specialist services


  • Total endoprostheses (hip replacements)
  • Replacing worn hip endoprostheses
  • Drilling to prevent femoral head necrosis.


  • Total endoprostheses (knee replacements)
  • Partial prosthesis using a sliding knee prosthesis
  • Replacing worn knee endoprostheses
  • Realignment operations
  • Strengthening artificial joints which are worn on one side
  • Knee arthroscopy
  • Menisectomy (removal of meniscus)
  • Meniscus suturing
  • Cruciate ligament repair
  • Cruciate ligament replacement surgery
  • Drilling where there is localised bone softening (bone necrosis).

Spinal column

  • Prolapsed disc in lumbar region
  • Correction of slipped discs
  • Widening of nerve channel pathways where these have been narrowed.


  • Suturing of the rotator cuffs
  • Arthroscopic or open extension of the shoulder  when this is restricted
  • Surgery on the shoulder joint
  • Removal of calcium deposits in the shoulder ligaments.
  • Arthroscopic procedures in injuries to  the shoulder meniscus or the long biceps tendon
  • Arthroscopic capsular plication
  • Where patients suffer frequent shoulder dislocations: total or partial shoulder endoprostheses (artificial shoulder)

The feet

  • Hallux valgus
  • We provide several different treatments for hammer toes
  • Surgery for Mortons neuroma
  • Operations to strengthen the tarsal joints which have been subject to wear (arthrosis)
  • Surgery for heel spurs

The ankle

  • Arthroscopic surgery  to correct restricted movement resulting  from bone spurs
  • Arthroscopic surgery where there is localised softening of the bone on the trochlea tali Strengthening of worn joints
  • Ligament surgery on instable joints

The elbows

  • Arthroscopic surgery for worn joints and free bodies in the joints
  • Surgery for tennis elbow and golfers elbow
  • Surgery for pinched nerve syndromes

The hands

  • Surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Surgery to correct thickening or shortening of the palmar fascia (fasciectomy in Dupuytrens contracture)
  • Surgery to correct trigger finger
  • Surgery to correct chronic wear in the joint at the base of the thumb (rhizarthrosis)
  • Ganglion surgery


  • Surgery for bone tumours in adults and children
  • Surgery for joint infections
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