Patient Invoicing in the EU including Switzerland

If, by the end of your treatment, you are not able to show proof of valid EKVK insurance, an invoice for payment by a private person will be generated automatically which cannot be reversed. Should you have not received valid (check the date of expiry) EHIC from your insurer respectively you don't have it with you, please contact your insurer immediately to have them issue an adequate provisional document during the time of your admission. 

These contributions are calculated for a maximum of 28 days per calendar year. Patients who are exempt from prescription fees do not pay a cost contribution.

Fee for companions

  • If you are accompanying a child over 6 years old a fee of 21.00 Euros per day will be charged.
    No fee will be charged if you are accompanying children under the age of 6.

Other possible fees

  • Fee for confirmation for your insurance company 2.18 Euros (Confirmation for the claim on daily allowance insurance).  
  • Request for X-rays Euros 10.00/CD

These amounts are to be paid by cash card or credit card on the day of discharge.

Special class

For special class (private room or room with 2 beds) and for persons insured to receive treatment from the Chief Consultant:
Please inform your insurer immediately about your admission to our hospital. Request your insurer to please send us confirmation of their acceptance of the costs for treatment by the Chief Consultant and of the daily costs for a single or twin room. If we receive this confirmation before the day of your discharge there will be no costs to pay by you. If on the other hand we do not receive this confirmation before you are discharged we are obliged to demand that you pay the costs respectively an appropriate amount as a deposit.          

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