Arrival & Discharge

The Admissions and Discharge Office

Unfortunately we cannot dispense with all the formalities when you come into hospital but we do try to keep the bureaucracy and paperwork down to the absolute minimum and to keep the admissions process as simple as possible.

How to find us

When you arrive at our hospital please bring the referral letter issued by family practitioner or specialist to the Central Admissions and Discharge Office through one of the two doors on the left when you come into the hospital via Entrance A.  One of our staff will then ask you for your personal details. Since the introduction of the green e-card your patient data can now be read into our system electronically.
This means, for example, that we can speedily settle the costs of your stay in hospital with your medical insurance company and that as a patient you do not need to be involved with any administrative matters. All of your personal data is, of course, covered by data protection legislation and will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

If you are not able to complete the registration formailities yourself for any reason, it will of course be possible for a family member to do this on your behalf.

For the year 2016 the following insurance excess abounts are payable for all members of social insurance schemes:

Costs contribution:
(Self-insured members of the GKK - Gebietskrankenkasse - Austrian health insurance scheme,
members of commercial or industrial health insurance schemes, BVA, railway employees)
€ 11.88 per day
Costs contribution:
for co-insured members of the GKK - Gebietskrankenkasse - Austrian health insurance scheme
and people insured under the "Agricultural Workers health insurance scheme (Bauernkasse)
€ 20.60 per day

These health insurance excess contributions are payable for a maximum of 28 days per calendar year. Patients who are exempt from hospital charges will, of course, pay nothing.

Charges for persons accompanying you into hospital:
A charge of € 21.00 per day will be made for each child over the age of 6 who accompanies you during your stay in hospital. There is no charge for children under the age of 6.

Further charges:
Charge for confirmation of health insurance policy: € 2.18 (Confirmation for the daily benefits insurance)
These sums must be paid on discharge using cash from the cash dispensers, or by credit card.

At the end of your stay in hospital

On the day when you are discharged from hospital your ward sister will give you a discharge form. Please fill this in and take it to the Discharge Office. There, one of our members of staff will calculate the fees which you have to pay for your stay in hospital.  You may pay these directly at the cash desk using either cash or a credit card. We will also provide you with  a letter confirming the treatment you have received in our hospital. You will need to take this to either your private health insurance scheme provider or to your employer.

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