Accident and Emergency Surgery & Sports Traumatology Our Specialisms

Our current range of specialist services includes:

  • Arthroscopic and arthroscopic-assisted surgery and other minimally invasive procedures
  • Pelvic surgery
  • Treatment of osteoarthritic conditions (arthrodesis and endoprosthesis)
  • Endoprosthesis and minimally invasive hip replacement
  • Endoprosthesis for knees and shoulders
  • Interdisciplinary care of people with multiple injuries (polytraumatised) in collaboration with the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Medicine
  • International Learning Centre
  • Surgery for head trauma
  • Surgery for broken knees
  • Surgical treatment of post-traumatic bone and joint misalignments as well as for pseudoarthroses (axial correction and limb lengthening and shortening)
  • Surgical treatment of torn ligamants, ligament replacement surgery, cruciate ligament repairs
  • Stabilsation of ligament instability
  • Spinal column surgery

In addition to providing all the medical services described above we are also constantly conducting research and follow-up studies in order that we can continue to improve our surgical procedures.  We are currently undertaking a review of the results of our surgery for cruciate ligament repair and meniscus refixation, wrist fractures and intermedullary nailing for closed fractures of the tibia shaft.

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